Following on from the letter to the editor regarding the now Kilcunda ‘township’ skate park I would like to just say this.
After watching the online council meeting, I am appalled by the sudden new support and respect for the residents of Kilcunda to appease their wants for a local skate park for their children. Yes, Kilcunda also opposed a Regional Skate Park destroying their township character in the past, as did San Remo, as did Newhaven. As we all know a Regional Skate Park belongs in a sporting complex or reserve not in a little children’s park. But yes, a township skate park is appropriate for all the townships mentioned above to cater for the local ‘children’ but was never on offer from BCSC for Newhaven.
The level of offence taken by me as a Newhaven resident was palpable at the obvious timely attempts at vote-worthy behaviour by a council member.
Newhaven were treated like voiceless, worthless, oldies who didn’t matter over the shock of BCSC trying their hardest to dump their Regional Skate Park at the gateway to Phillip Island in the township of Newhaven, right on our tiny community doorstep in our only township park.
This wasn’t for our community, nor was it for our primary aged kids, it was for the adult and youth aged skating community who do not live in our community. Why weren’t the people of Newhaven given this same level of respect?
We endlessly suggested a local skate bowl appropriate for the Newhaven Primary School kids and the San Remo Primary School kids would be a welcome addition to the Grayden’s Memorial Reserve in Newhaven, along with a way-overdue highway lighted crossing for the safety of the children who will use it on foot or on their bikes and for anyone to cross in safety.
Oh, but now Kilcunda is getting both those needs met in the blink of an eye. The shovels are ready to dig, we’re told. It almost made me want to laugh at this political agenda if it wasn’t just so offensive to the people of Newhaven and San Remo.
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