In early August I called for urgent short-term measures to be undertaken to protect Wreck Creek and the adjoining shoreline from further erosion.
The need for short-term measures like dune renourishment is essential to buy time until the state government Coastal Hazard Assessment is completed in mid to late 2021.
It was disappointing to find out at the latest council meeting that when council had an opportunity to divert funds towards these short-term measures that it was not taken. At the very least councillors could be acting for quicker action on this front.
The South Gippsland Conservation Society – run by dedicated volunteers – has worked tirelessly to get this issue on the agenda with some success.
Why is this taking so long? It is frustrating to see that those who have the power to change the situation seem to be sitting idly by, indifferent to what is at stake.
The destruction of Wreck Creek is the precursor to homes on Surf Parade being compromised. If not for protecting the vulnerable native vegetation – which is one of the last lines of coastal Banksia across Victorian shores – why not give some reassurance to these residents that their homes won’t be washed away too?
Leticia Laing, candidate for the Bunurong Ward, Bass Coast Shire Council, Cape Paterson.
Authorised by Kenneth Laing, PO Box 64, Wonthaggi, VIC, 3995.