To candidates for the 2020 Bass Coast Shire Council elections.
Phillip Island needs your help and commitment to increase council spending to become a Cycle Safe place to live, and the new cycle destination for visitors.
Totally Renewable Phillip Island (TRPI) joins with the cycling, business and tourism communities of Phillip Island to call for increased funding in the council budget for safe cycling on Phillip Island:
1. Cycle Safe Cowes to the Nobbies/Summerland.
2. Cycle Safe to schools.
3. Cycle Safe Thompson Avenue and Settlement Road.
4. Cycle Safe Phillip Island and connect the paths.
Increased funding for safe cycling for recreation and active transport is evident in Australia and around the world.
In both cities and regions, the value of cycling is being acknowledged.
North-east Victorian towns attract thousands of cyclists every year; Mornington Peninsula is developing a RideSafe Strategy 2020; the City of Melbourne aims to become a cycling city with increased and connecting pathways, extensive bike parking and support services; rail trails across Victoria are becoming connected; Omeo shire is building 100 kilometres of trails for mountain bike riders, etc.
The Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-28 tells us 60 per cent of the population are interested but concerned. The concern is about safety.
Adults and children who are residents or visitors need to feel safe to cycle, and they will leave their car at home. This helps the environment with reduced emissions, and improves our health.
With increased council spending, we can make Phillip Island and Bass Coast the new cycle destination!
More council funding attracts more state and federal government funding.
When council funds the plans and builds pathways, our local state and federal MPs know what the community wants and can assist council to build major projects such as a shared path from Cowes to Summerland, and the rail trail connection from Woolamai to Nyora.
As a new councillor, you will have the opportunity to make this happen by increasing funds for planning, building and linking more shared pathways on Phillip Island.
Your children and grandchildren will thank you for investing in an active, connected, safe and environmentally friendly future.
TRPI urges you to take up this issue in the election campaign and to advocate for safer cycling in council if you are elected. Good luck.
Bhavani Rooks, TRPI coordinator.