Because Cr Les Larke is subject to a legal restraint preventing him from responding fully to recently leaked accusations against him, it would be outrageous if BCSC (Bass Coast Shire Council) administrators escaped censure for failing to keep the matter confidential till the Local Government Inspectorate has investigated the matter.
The claimed involvement of an anonymous tip-off was no justification for CEO Ali Wastie to use her position to be quoted in broadcasting the leak.
Furthermore, since the matter has been before the Local Government Inspectorate for two years, the leaking of the confidential document less than two weeks before councillor elections is liable to cause an injustice.
I have found Cr Larke to be very approachable and efficient in ensuring that letters I have sent via him to council were dealt with in a timely manner unlike the delays I had experienced when sending mail directly to council.
I find the accusations against Cr Larke particularly ironic given that council administrators are currently using Skype to encourage selected local community groups to believe they may achieve their aims to have accommodation in Inverloch for their educational and tourist-orientated purposes once BCSC completes its proposed walking/cycling track from San Remo to Inverloch township.
In the absence of a defined route in this environmentally sensitive area, it seems premature to appear to try to elicit support even from prospective beneficiaries.
I would hope that anyone seeking election as a councillor would be outraged by the strategies adopted by the current council administrators.
Rosemary Hutchinson, Inverloch.