Occupation: Councillor/Martial arts instructor.

Lives in: Inverloch.


Why are you running for council?

Councils love regulating every little thing. Of course, the council has to run some things but I think we need a couple of councillors who want to let people get on with their lives and get out of their way.


What are your top priorities?

  • Advocate for local businesses such as dance schools and gyms to be allowed to reopen.
  • Appropriate development.
  • I want to see more footpaths in urban areas completed.
  • Continue our prioritised program of sealing urban settlements without proper roads and drainage.


What’s the best and worst thing about Bass Coast?

The best thing is the balance of our towns and the environment.


What do you do for fun?

Getting schooled on the intricacies of Ninjago by my three-year-old son.