I am writing to make you aware that the Bass Coast Shire Council is at it again, handing out planning permits for subdivisions like lollies at Halloween to greedy developers.
Earlier this year, my partner and I purchased a block of land in Elevation Crescent which is part of the new development along Potters Hill Road, San Remo.
We bought that block because all the blocks in the street were approximately 1000 square metres, meaning that as well as having a large yard for our kids to play in, the traffic in the street would be minimal.
We were disappointed on the weekend to discover that the block across the road from us has been subdivided.
The application for the planning permit for this subdivision had not been advertised as per the Victorian Planning Regulations, thus unfairly preventing us from submitting an objection.
Then after doing some digging on the council’s website, we were dumbfounded to find that there have been applications made to subdivide nine of the 29 blocks in the street.
I just can’t believe that within a year of this part of the development being completed that the council is giving developers permits to subdivide it even further and seemingly without following the regulations.
Although there is currently a high demand for regional properties in Victoria, a quick search online shows that there are over 100 blocks of land available in the area as well as plenty of new developments currently under construction.
It’s unnecessary and excessive to subdivide so many blocks of land in the one street.
I will now be submitting objections to all the applications for subdivisions in our street and I urge all Bass Coast residents to check council’s website to see if they are going to be adversely impacted by a planning permit in their area as we clearly cannot trust them to ensure that applicants have properly advertised their intentions.
A copy of the Bass Coast Planning Permit Register can be found at basscoast.vic.gov.au/building-planning/planning-permit-register.
Floris Vanderspek, San Remo.