Open letter to Bass Coast Shire Council candidates.
I live in Small Court which is on Shetland Heights Road, San Remo.
For years we have been trying to get the shire’s attention regarding the dangers of Shetland Heights Road, as well as the dust issue.
As you well know, there have been car crashes on this unmade road. Luckily no one so far has died.
As you also will know, there are now many young families living on Shetland Heights Road and I watch with dread children playing on this road and families with small kids and toddlers in pushers going up and down Shetland Heights Road.
Before I vote for any of you, I want to know from each of you what your position is regarding the sealing of Shetland Heights Road, including speed bumps and proper pedestrian paths on the side of the road.
Helga Kernke, San Remo.