In light of the unlawful leaking of revelations of a confidential investigation involving Bass Coast Shire Council, the actions of several councillors have demonstrated their abject failure of public leadership.
These councillors might well have broken internet speed records in their haste to quickly jump onto an online blog and effectively shout: “It’s not me. Don’t look at me, look over there.”
But where is their public denunciation of those responsible for the unlawful disclosure of confidential internal council documents? Listen carefully, can you hear it?
No, nothing. Just the sound of crickets.
This serious breach of the Local Government Act, the Privacy and Data Protection Act, and the newly minted Media Engagement Policy which was rolled out with the blessing of those councillors, casts serious doubt over the integrity of conduct at Bass Coast Shire Council.
This is the sort of behaviour that we might expect to see in Trump’s America. It is not the sort of behaviour anyone should want to see in Bass Coast, and it must be stamped out.
Fortunately, there’s a reasonable chance that we’ll see a few new faces elected to council in the coming weeks.
Let’s hope that any new councillor understands that cultural change is needed at Bass Coast Shire Council, and that such change is unlikely to be driven from within the current bureaucracy.
The councillors, as the elected representatives of the community, will need to drive the necessary cultural change from the top down.
And let’s hope that, unlike so many of the current lot, they will not allow themselves to be subsumed into the Baillieu Street bubble.
Only then will they be able to produce far better outcomes for our community.
Kevin Griffin, Wonthaggi.