I applaud Bass Coast Shire for listening to its ratepayers, residents and voters and then acting on the hotel planned at Coronet Bay.
When I last looked, it was not against the law to listen to local residents ahead of developers and should happen more often.
Councils should represent their residents and not out of the area developers and speculators.
Way too often nothing is more important than extra rates from development and local residents come last and get scant regard like they do in South Gippsland.
Case in point is what happened to the objectors to a subdivision in Mirboo North where our concerns were just dismissed within a couple of minutes by administrators that did not care less about our valid concerns and showed us utter contempt.
South Gippsland Council should learn from this matter and start listening and then acting on resident concerns and stop paying us lip service.
Don’t waste residents’ time on presentations to council if you are not going to listen or act on our concerns and already have your minds made up.
I will not be getting involved in any more of those sham consultations as they are nothing more than a con and a total waste of time until the culture at South Gippsland Council totally changes and this change needs to start at the senior executive level.
Stephen Koci, Mirboo North.