By Shelby Brooks

A LOCAL breast cancer nurse is urging people to be vigilant with self-checks to ensure the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t lead to a missed diagnosis.

McGrath breast care nurse for Bass Coast and South Gippsland, Taryn Robinson said she was worried by figures that revealed screening numbers were down in recent months.

“Cancer Council data shows a 37 per cent decrease in people having breast screens for cancer during COVID-19,” she said.

“That’s worrying if people who haven’t had a breast screen due to COVID-19 could miss an early diagnosis.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the McGrath Foundation wants people to take matters into their own hands with the simple approach to self-checking breast tissue- Look, Feel, Learn.

“Look, Feel, Learn, is a nice easy guide for women and men- men can get breast cancer too,” Taryn said.

“It’s best to do it when you get out of the shower and you’ll have a mirror there as well.”

Look – at the shape and appearance of your breasts and nipples in the mirror with your hands by your sides. Raise your arms above your head and have another look.

Feel – all of your breasts and nipples looking for anything that isn’t normal for you. Feel from your collarbone to below the bra-line and under your armpit too.

Learn – what is normal for you! Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes, so get to know your normal. See your doctor if you notice any changes.