Things aren’t easy at the moment, with many people under “lockdown” conditions at home.
It’s still not clear how the virus originated, whether from people eating bats from Chinese wet markets, from a lab experiment accidentally set loose, or from something else.
However, hopefully, scientists will create a cure for the coronavirus soon.

So, here we all are, we’re now stuck at home —
Out on the streets, we’re forbidden to roam;
You can’t even use a bench in the park
(Unless you sneak out, and just sit after dark)

Lots of shops are closed, the economy’s collapsing,
And into bad habits some are now lapsing:
Watching TV with junk food, and getting fat —
But better snack on a pizza, than eat a dead bat

In China, the “wet markets” have now been closed,
Since that the eating of bats was widely exposed;
Were bats the origin, or did it escape from a lab?
China covered it up, and are avoiding the tab

Whatever the cause, it’s a reality we face,
At least our best scientists are all on the case;
If they find a cure, then we’ll be immune —
So, let’s hope that they beat this damn virus soon.

Andrew Guild, Croydon.