By Shelby Brooks

AFTER four weeks of dancing outside, regional dancers are finally allowed to return to the studio from tomorrow (Wednesday, October 28).

It was announced over the weekend dance studios would be allowed to return under the indoor non-contact fitness category, which also includes gyms.

Lisa Pellin, of Lisa Pellin Dancers in Leongatha, said as much as the kids enjoyed dancing outside, it was a relief to be returning to the studio.

“To have the premises sitting there but we couldn’t use it was frustrating,” she said.

“We had lots of really fun days outside having icy poles on hot days.

“And most of all to finally get the kids back together with their friends was important.”

Lisa Pellin is holding a seven-week dance program open to anyone under 18 starting Monday, November 2.

It will encompass all dance styles.

“The kids are beside themselves and can’t wait to dance inside,” Lisa said.

“It will reinvigorate the kids to start dancing in 2021.”