CHIEF Health Officer Brett Sutton said it was “a consideration” for regional café owners, to not only gather contact data but also to make licence checks if they were concerned one of their sit-down customers might have come from Melbourne.

That’s the outcome of a person connected with the Butcher Club outbreak in Chadstone spreading the virus to a café in Kilmore.

According to details released at the Premier’s daily briefing, a household member of Butcher Club staff travelled to regional Victoria on a work permit and sat down for a meal in the Odd Fellows Café in Kilmore, allegedly resulting in a local staff member contracting the virus.

The Butcher Club outbreak has already extended to 28 people, not including the additional case in Kilmore, prompting 150 registered diners at the cafe to be contacted and hundreds of people in the Kilmore community to get tested and isolate while awaiting results.

Some have not been able to be tested straightaway after a drive-through testing centre in the town booked out on the first day.

The visiting worker also stopped off in Benalla.

The café owner, who was described by Professor Sutton as doing all the right things, expressed his devastation in metro media at having to close the cafe and the trouble it had caused the community.

Prof Sutton was asked if regional café owners should now consider doing licence checks on customers, as well as collecting contact data.

“It’s a consideration yes,” said Professor Sutton.

“Not serving people from Melbourne is worthy of consideration. There’s also the obligation on people coming from Melbourne, on a work permit, not to attend.”

The Premier Daniel Andrews made it clear.

“If you are going to regional Victoria from Melbourne on a work permit; the cafes, pubs and restaurants are closed to you.”

All the metro rules still apply to people from Melbourne entering regional Victoria via one of the exemptions including for compassionate reasons, to visit an intimate partner or for essential work.

There are presently 3 active cases of COVID-19 in regional Victoria on Tuesday, October 6, and 216 active cases in Victoria, including 15 new cases (8 linked to known outbreaks, 7 under investigation and 2 reclassified).