Recently elected Bass Coast Artists Society (BCAS) president, Geoff Ellis, and BCAS supporter Brett Tessari got to work painting the Goods Shed on Tuesday. tm01_4120

By Tom McNish

THE new president of the Bass Coast Artists Society (BCAS) is Geoff Ellis, who was voted in unanimously for his appreciation of local art and broad connection with community.
Former president Diana Holmberg, who was elected in 2018, said Geoff’s passion for local art would be great for the group.
“Geoff has an appreciation for all forms of art and has great taste,” she said.
Diana hoped Geoff would help restore the group’s welcoming social and creative environment following the easing of coronavirus restrictions.
“Geoff has a broad connection with the community and we’re looking forward to seeing how he works together with other local art groups,” Diana said.
The council is hoping to form an alliance with other Easter art shows, Diana said.
“The art shows fall on Easter weekend most years, which means anyone wanting to visit all four may not be able to. BCAS is hoping to form an art trail so visitors can experience all of our best local art.”
Diana has a connected vision for local arts groups.
“There’s a lot to be gained in forms of grants, information and working together that could be achieved forming an alliance. This could be done without individual groups losing their identity.”
Geoff also hoped local arts groups could work together in the future.
“We have some incredible, natural beauty in our local area which makes for great inspiration, I’m hoping to inspire and continue the positive creative environment that the Bass Coast has, with big things on the horizon,” he said.
The Bass Coast Artists Society is hoping to attract more junior members and is open to painters, writers, photographers and other
visual artists.