Had a phone call from the shire recently. They told Mr Amor, “We cannot find your emails that you said you have sent in.”
Interesting. These emails of questions were aimed to the three administrators and new CEO.
Questions I’ve asked: Who are the groups or individuals you have spoken to in Korumburra? I have asked KBA and KRT and they have had one each. Yet in papers, Julie (Eisenbise) in her columns, repeats in most weeks, talking to community people weekly, who?
I have also questioned their style, non-transparent. Failure to get back to me in shire time, quoted as 14 days. Failure to answer my questions.
The biggest problem is their non-attitude to the ratepayer. I know the world has changed in the last five months, but to keep blaming this is now an excuse.
Most know the shire is working from home admin. Workers we see are doing their best. I have noticed the shire has put another 6-8 people on, why? When, if ever, will the three administrators do a clean out or a complete overhaul of the 316 workers at the shire?
Biggest issues are who is deleting my letters to shire and others who I have failed to get through to. I’m putting this out there to all that care or have put in an email, letter, comments to shire and received nothing.
The three administrators were put in to address bullying, transparency, governance and for an overall reset of the South Gippsland Shire. I’m hoping this open letter opens the eyes of the public, shire and government. Things are still not right and the public has lost hope in the way this shire is set up and is going.
David Amor, Korumburra.