It’s only because taxpayers funded so much piping infrastructure that peddlers of gas now demand even more protection.
Isn’t it always dodgy when something is priced too cheaply? Profit privatised while capital cost socialised, as in Ausnet received $100million “grant” for gas infrastructure to users in regions, Winchelsea to Wonthaggi, mostly houses.
Slowing extraction of oil – from Bass Strait – had to get rid of gas waste product, cheap as… to “compete/undermine” market share from electricity. Gas will never slow down oil and be waste or cheap again.
Even AGL brochures now promote new houses as all electric and no gas. So, it’s last gasp time, repackaged complete with jingles and execs appointed by Scomo pushing gas as “transition energy for economic recovery”.
Gas was only ever feeding our habit as “energy addicts” as much as we like, whenever we like, for as long as we like. Transition to economic collapse.
While the world is bogged down with COVID-19, it’s important to pay attention to government, and even democracy, undermined by coal, oil and gas company lobbying. Surely, it’s clearer than ever that solar, wind, batteries and pumped hydro can meet our energy needs. But, courtesy of Scomo and co, investment fell 50 per cent last year and 50 per cent more this year.
How can we afford to waste any more time and money on gas? You’re encouraged to think it’s cleaner than coal but is it true?
For sure, it’s clean out of the hob on the stovetop. Out of the well, there’s always carbon dioxide to get rid of, but mostly filtered and blown into global warming atmosphere.
Then regulations are in place to make sure acid vapours are cleaned out. LPG gases are other contaminants. Each of these are liquefied at much lower pressure than LNG and it’s not cheap to remove them.
Gas will be shutdown long before its use-by date, all for reckless benefit of Scomo’s hangers-on.
Renewable energy, batteries and hydrogen are the future. Any more money invested in fossil fuel infrastructure means less money for renewables. LNG even more insane. Make sure to tell politicians you know.
Bernie McComb, Cowes.