THE refurbishment of the Mirboo North swimming pool has been hit by an exceptionally wet year and the impacts of COVID-19, pushing back the planned reopening date by six to eight weeks.

South Gippsland Shire Council said the contractor had made significant inroads into the project, however, the reopening, originally slated for December, was now expected to take place in mid-February next year.

Council’s Director of Sustainable Infrastructure, Anthony Seabrook, said that while disappointing, the delays were somewhat inevitable in the current climate.

“Between COVID-19 and a year in which Melbourne is expected to reach its average annual rainfall figure in early October, the circumstances have worked against this project being completed on time,” Mr Seabrook said.”

“That said, the contractors have done a remarkable job and I am looking forward to being able to advise a firmer opening date as we get closer to completion.

“Thankfully at this stage the project delays have had little impact on the budget and we remain hopeful that it will come in at cost.”

Progress to date includes:

  • The main 25 metre pool is 55–60 per cent complete. The deep end floor has been poured – including the ‘ditch’ – and the deep end walls will be poured this week to finalise the structural elements of the main pool.
  • The floor slab of the learn to swim (formerly the ‘middle’) pool has been poured and the walls will be poured in mid-October. The learn to swim pool is 30-35 per cent complete at this stage.
  • Given that the concrete needs 45 days to cure, the tiling is anticipated to start in December 2020. While this may seem like an inordinately long period with no activity, it is of utmost importance that the pool shells be structurally sound, so the concrete must cure sufficiently before the tiles can go on.
  • The concrete base for the splash pad base slab has been poured.
  • The pool plant area is about 60 per cent complete.
  • The pavilion is about 85 per cent complete.