RESTRICTIONS in regional Victoria could ease further despite the state not hitting the official target to move to the ‘Last Step’ as outlined in the state government’s roadmap.

Premier Daniel Andrews today (Thursday, October 8) said the state government was “actively looking at whether there might be other options” for regional Victoria to push further ahead of Melbourne in the easing of restrictions.

He said not being in sync with Melbourne wouldn’t be great – as the Premier was keen to have the two be as closely aligned as possible – “but the extra economic activity in regional Victoria justifies that”.

“If Melbourne is more stubborn than we had thought, we will give a… very detailed consideration to regional Victoria, perhaps, taking some further small steps so that we can continue to have activity and jobs, and that sense of recovery in regional Victoria.

“We won’t have them (regional Victoria) held back by some of the challenges we faced in Melbourne. But that’s not for today and it’s not even for next week.”

He said such a decision was under constant review which was driven by the data, doctors and science.

“But as soon as we can map out what any potential future stages look like and timing around that, we absolutely will,” he said during a regional media briefing.

“But safety first, because we don’t want to fritter away all the good work that regional Victoria, both families, communities and businesses have done.”

To reach the ‘Last Step’ of the roadmap, there needs to be no new COVID-19 cases state-wide for two weeks.