Re. article October 14, 2020, Advertiser ‘Newhaven road plans not justified’, I would strongly disagree with Mr Nottle’s assertions that Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) have created an “ad hoc piecemeal” road plan.
Mr Nottle would have us undertake more studies going over the issues that have already been done to death.
In December 2013, the council issued its study entitled ‘Phillip Island Integrated Traffic Study’. This document explores all of Mr Nottle’s propositions.
RRV created its own ‘Philip Island Transport Study’ released in October 2015. This study referenced the council study, invited and received a significant volume of comments and suggestions. This was revised and released October 2016 and again invited and received a significant volume of comments and suggestions.
During March and April of 2017, the RRV embarked on further community-based consultation via its website and local kiosk booths and published its findings as “Philip Island Road Infrastructure Planning” dated January 2018. Again, RRV invited comments and suggestions. They attended meetings with residents and held public pop up kiosk information centres at San Remo.
These were very well attended. Taking account of all the feedback and information that they, and the council, received over the course of some seven years RRV created a transport plan for San Remo and Philip Island.
To suggest that RRV has created this plan on the basis of a flawed community engagement survey is just ludicrous. It’s possible that some of Mr. Nottle’s comments have merit. However, it would have been better if they had been raised during the consultative years when they might have been of value.
Park and bus option – where would Mr Nottle suggest that we build a five thousand vehicle car park and bus station in San Remo? User pays – A toll would create a logistical nightmare. Talk about “ad hoc and piecemeal”.
Trevor Brown, San Remo.