Statement by Les Larke

I have consistently maintained my innocence of any allegation of wrongdoing while suffering from a serious injustice through the anonymous leak of confidential information and an associated smear campaign in the print and social media.

Fortunately, this has been remedied with the Victorian Local Government Inspectorate’s decision dated October 9, 2020 (received 5pm October 13, 2020) to set aside any allegation.

I hold no ill will toward my fellow councillors or council officers, and whilst, in my opinion, they seriously misjudged the situation, there is certainly hurt and bitterness enough.

The point was whether I had committed any wrongdoing, and I did not.

A special thanks for all the messages and telephone calls of support. I also want to thank in particular my family for their love and care, notwithstanding the immense anguish they had to go through; those who spoke up for me and suffered as a result; and all my friends, acquaintances and business colleagues who helped me throughout this ordeal.

Also, my deepest thanks and gratitude to all of my supporters and their unwavering resolve to see justice prevail, and to throw light on a manufactured allegation to reveal the truth.

Finally, and more importantly, I am aware of the current health crisis and its toll on individuals, families and businesses, and I wish everyone a successful recovery, good health and wellbeing in 2020/2021 and beyond.

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Yours sincerely

Les Larke