By Shelby Brooks

INSTAGRAM influencer and interior stylist Ashlee Durand has shared her secrets to the perfect pantry that made her into an internet sensation.

Ashlee’s pantry organisation went viral earlier this year.

Ashlee, who grew up in Leongatha and now lives in Drouin, has 68,000 followers on her Instagram page, Ashlee Jay Interiors, and works as an interior stylist and organiser.

Earlier this year, her pantry makeover using only Kmart goods went viral.

“The basics for a perfect pantry are for everything to have a home and put everything in containers,” Ashlee said.

“You could have six plain flours and not realise if your pantry isn’t organised because you can’t find anything.

“If everything is in sections and tubs it’s functional and you’ll save money because things aren’t going out of date.”

Three years ago, the mother of four decided to bite the bullet and try grow her social media presence for interior styling, a passion she shared in friends’ and families’ homes.

“I purely started it as a hobby. As a mum, I didn’t have anything for me,” Ashlee said.

She now has a huge presence in the interior styling world of Instagram, and runs a successful business doing in-home styling and organising (pre-COVID-19) and giving online styling advice.

“We can do it all online [because of COVID-19] via email,” Ashlee said.

She works with clients to create mood boards around a vision, theme or style and suggests furniture pieces that would work in each room.

“I mainly do bedrooms; kids and masters, or living/dining spaces,” she said.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Ashlee has been busier than ever.

“I’ve been inundated since the first wave because people are home and they have time to tackle jobs at home,” Ashlee said.