POLICE will not hesitate to hit people with fines of up to $5000 if they’re caught in regional Victoria without a permitted reason.

That was the message from Premier Daniel Andrews last week, adding “substantial numbers of people” had received the $4957 fine.

“It’s critically important that we only have those who absolutely need to travel into regional Victoria doing that,” Mr Andrews said during a regional media briefing today (Thursday, October 8).

“The other point as well is the restrictions in Melbourne travel with people, so even if you’ve got a permitted reason to be in regional Victoria, you need to observe the rules as if you were in Melbourne.

“So, hospitality venues are closed for you. The group limits, all of those … very frustrating rules that people in Melbourne are having to deal with, they follow you and travel with you.”

He said 80 per cent of cars travelling into regional Victoria were being checked by police.

“So, the odds are not good if you’re going to regional Victoria without a lawful reason. It’s a $5000 fine, and there’s every chance, in fact, an absolute likelihood, you will be caught and you’ll be fined.”