Gotta admire the commitment of those putting forward the petition for South Gippsland Shire Council to declare a climate emergency.
But saying things over and over like “dangerous climate change”, “climate change is now beyond doubt” and “the evidence…”, etc, doesn’t make them facts.
In fact, if you research a little wider, you’ll find much evidence and many experts saying climate change doesn’t exist or is no cause for concern.
Declaration of a climate emergency is more than symbolic, I recall Bass Coast was to employ someone in that role and that all decisions were to be viewed “through the prism of climate change”, no doubt at considerable cost to the ratepayers.
At last year’s federal election, which was dubbed “the climate change election” the Greens’ and Labor policies were well and truly rejected by the voters in South Gippsland and our administrators should take notice of this before making any decisions with long-term effects on us.
The silent majority needs to speak up in these times before we become subject to all sorts of controls imposed by those who think they know best.
Steve Finlay, Leongatha.