Presently, a submission is pending with Bass Coast Shire Council for the sand quarry (run by Dandy Premix) opposite Deep Creek Road in Grantville to double production over the next few years.
This proposal involves expanding and deepening their current pit and opening another in a forested area on its site nearby.
This means double the truck traffic, a significant increase in operation hours until early hours of the morning adjacent to residences, tampering with the fragile water table and removing the native vegetation of a wildlife corridor.
The agreement made in 2013 as part of the initial work permit for the quarry involved the protection and maintaining of vegetated areas on the quarry site.
This protection was agreed upon to endure after the life of the quarry site and this was registered as such on the title of the land.
This significant wildlife corridor presently enables native wildlife to travel safely between The Gurdies Nature Conservation Reserve and Deep Creek down to the Grantville Nature Conservation Reserve and Colbert Creek.
The Bass Coast Shire Council (BCSC) recently announced a climate change emergency. Deforestation, ignoring the needs of native wildlife of the area, water table tampering and increased pollution don’t fit that brief.
Recently, the BCSC has elected a new council. We have new councillors.
Objections to this proposal can be submitted up until Bass Coast Shire Council makes its decision.
Linda Nicholls, Coronet Bay.