Reply to Steve Findlay’s article in denial of climate change (Letters, Sentinel-Times, November 17):
If you wish to research climate change Steve, then you need look no further than Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). The BOM has archives of standardised weather data from all over Australia based on 110 years of observations. This is where the facts reside Steve and you certainly presented no facts in your little rant.
The CSIRO and the BOM have jointly published a document titled: ‘State of the Climate, 2020’ under the emblem of our Australian government.
I shall summarise some conclusions from this report:
1. Australia’s climate has warmed on average by 1.44C since national records began in 1910.
2. There has been a 16 per cent decline in winter rainfall in south-eastern Australia since 1970.
3. There has been an increase in extreme fire weather and the length of the fire season since the 1950s.
4. Sea levels are rising around Australia including more frequent extremes, that are increasing the risk of inundation and damage to coastal communities, especially the south-eastern coastline.
5. The driving force behind climate change is the increasing CO2 content of our atmosphere which correlates with our use of fossil fuels. These Australian records show that CO2 gas concentration in our atmosphere is going exponential, as shown by the graph on page 20 of the above document.
Clearly, we cannot wait until the second half of this century to address climate change. That is the current position of the Morrison government and is supported by our representative in Canberra, Mr Russell Broadbent. After 2050, much of the currently existing population in Australia will have died and so will any future for young Australians alive in 2050. Wake up Australia.
Ted Minty, Wonthaggi.