BETWEEN 60 and 80 hoons, allegedly from the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne have seriously abused their first weekend of freedom in the country by terrorising a remote farming community, 5km south of Loch.

Police have confirmed local reports that up to 80 people and between 20 and 30 cars were involved in the incident, which occurred about 10.15pm on Sunday night, November 15.

Still terrified locals told the Sentinel-Times this week a large number of cars assembled at the intersection of Jeetho West Road and Loch-Wonthaggi Road, with up to three cars at a time burning out their tyres to the rims, in a dangerous and fearful display.

Some then allegedly drove to Bena, replaced their tyres and repeated the dose.

One Loch resident, who declined to be named for fear of reprisals, said it was the fourth time the incident had occurred this year.

“I was shaking, I’m still shaking,” said the witness.

“It’s a regular occurrence here and we’re frightened they’ll be back.”

Senior Sergeant Jason Hullick, the road policing officer for Eastern Division 5, said there had also been reports a local farmer who attended the scene to see what was going on, was allegedly assaulted with a tyre leaver or wrench.

“We understand his car was also damaged during the assault,” Sen Sgt Hullick said.

“Certainly, an incident like this, involving a large number of hoon drivers, the noise and the burning rubber, would be terrifying to local residents and we’re taking our investigations very seriously.”

He urged anyone with details of number plates, dashcam footage or any other information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the Wonthaggi Police on 5671 4100.

It is understood police already have some video footage of the incident, plus photos, and have already identified eight of the cars involved.

They are also reportedly seeking security video from McDonalds at Caldermeade and other locations.

“This is the first I’m aware of an incident like this happening here but, in future, we’d like to hear immediately,” he said, stressing that locals should not attend the scene or seek to intervene.

Asked about local claims it had taken police 90 minutes to attend on Sunday, he said he wasn’t aware of those reports but would follow up on any community concerns.

As well as calling for action by police, locals have also urged the South Gippsland Shire or VicRoads to look at introducing a traffic island or other device to eliminate what is a large open intersection.