FIVE amazing young women in the Newhaven College community have been awarded the highest level of achievement in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award after many years of commitment.

Year 12 students Holly Buckley, Cailen Lone, Fleur Timmins, Shae White and Caitlin Hunt were recently awarded the gold award during the year 12 presentation ceremony.

Duke of Edinburgh gold award! What does it take? A minimum commitment of 12 months involving community service, skill enhancement, physical recreation, participating and organising adventurous journeys and a residential project.

Clearly, completing the award has many benefits for future study, scholarships and employability. The program has international accreditation and is recognised in more than 140 countries. More importantly, though, the life skills they learnt through the 12 months are invaluable. Skills included working with others, being self-motivated, being flexible, communicating with adults, keeping records, and connecting with local community groups.

Newhaven College is proud to offer the award and support to those students who choose to take up the challenge.

Given the enormous challenges of the past six months, these students have shown incredible determination in completing this prestigious award. The college would like to congratulate them and staff are very proud of their achievements.