The Wonthaggi RSL has been advised that a lady is, or has been selling, Remembrance Day poppies in the Wonthaggi industrial estates.
While the poppies are genuine RSL, the lady is not an authorised seller of the Wonthaggi RSL, nor is she authorised by other local RSL sub-branches.
Therefore, she has no public liability insurance cover.
We cannot guarantee that the proceeds collected by this person will go to the Returned and Services League.
By convention RSL sub-branches do not sell in each other’s areas.
This activity previously happened on Remembrance Day 2019. The Wonthaggi RSL sub-branch demands that this person stop the activity immediately as her action affects the reputation of this sub-branch.
Please only buy a poppy from a person wearing a badge identifying them as a Wonthaggi RSL collector, and inform the Wonthaggi RSL of any suspicious collectors selling poppies or ANZAC Day Tokens.
Rod Gallagher, secretary, Wonthaggi RSL sub-branch.