THE Venus Bay Community Centre has engaged with its part-time community through virtual beach tours and property drive-by photos.
Venus Bay Community Centre manager Alyson Skinner connected through Facebook live to community members who were locked down in Melbourne and other areas.
Alyson said volunteer Katherine Sumaru braved the elements for virtual tours.
“Katherine has been doing this rain, hail and shine for 13 weeks,” Alyson said.
“We know this has meant a lot, particularly to our part-time community members, to see the beach and connect with this special place.
“We hosted the last one [beach tour] on Monday, November 1 and will look at taking people on virtual adventure walks to discover new or revisit local places and spaces,” she said.
They have also offered drive-by photos of homeowners’ properties.
“For those who may have been worried about their properties and just missing their gardens – everything is in bloom right now and the grass is growing and the weeds,” Alyson said.