Inside the 10-star home at the Cape.
Photo: Will Hamilton Coates

VICTORIA’S most sustainable housing estate, The Cape in Cape Paterson, continues to be a star attraction for families and people seeking a comfortable, affordable and sustainable lifestyle.
Stage four of the 230-lot estate was only released last week and already 30 of the 64 lots have been snapped up, with buyers looking to experience a sustainable sea change and e-change lifestyle in a growing friendly community.
It was noticeable as soon as the ‘Ring of Steel’ dropped on November 8 that visitors from Melbourne were out and about at The Cape, and numbers only increased at the weekend.
According to Brendan Condon, director, The Cape, stage four features some of the best home sites in The Cape with expansive views towards Wilsons Promontory to the east and Cape Woolamai to the west.
“There are a diverse range of home sites on offer, from 446m2 sites through to larger sites up to 850m2. All sites will have access to The Cape’s expansive areas of open space, walking and cycling paths to surf and swimming beaches, and community infrastructure including community garden, sports areas, fitness stations, wetlands, children’s playground and future cafe.”
The Cape estate continues to lead the charge nationally with leading energy efficiency initiatives in all homes in this cutting-edge community. Cape homes are highly energy and water efficient, solar powered, designed to operate without the use of fossil fuels and produce more energy than they use. Homes are averaging over eight-star energy efficiency across the estate, by combining correct orientation, excellent insulation, double glazing, shading and thermal mass and the estate has replaced gas with efficient all electric appliances like induction cooktops. Homes are fitted with 32amp power points for electric vehicles as standard.
According to Tad and Karen Hendry, Cape residents for the last three years, there has been a long list of benefits living in their stunning 8.7-star energy efficient home and in a community which is positive and like-minded.
“The reason to design and build a house at The Cape was simple. We have a responsibility to tackle climate change by shifting our way of living and living carbon neutral,” Tad said.
“For the last three years, we have reaped the benefits in building and living in a stunning passive solar home on the coast, while producing more energy than we use and saving on energy bills. Not to mention that Cape Paterson is such a beautiful place to live!”
Other highlights at The Cape include:
Urban farming: A large central community garden that is enjoyed by residents for the fresh produce it delivers every year, which will be expanded in 2021, and many of the households at the Cape feature modular water efficient urban farms which are also producing a lot of fresh produce across the community.
Electric vehicles: In anticipation of the rapid proliferation of efficient, increasingly affordable long-range electric vehicles in coming years, the Cape has made provision for electric car charging throughout the estate with public EV charging infrastructure as well as 32-amp power points in all homes. The first 50kW public charger is up and can provide 250km of range per hour of charging. Several homes have now adopted long range (>400km range) electric vehicles and have eliminated petrol bills.
Open space and habitat: The Cape has around 50 per cent open space dedicated to habitat and biodiversity restoration, parklands, wetlands, community farm, open space and walking trails, creating a relaxed, spacious, open feel to the estate. The landscape team are taking cleared paddocks previously covered in weedy pasture weeds, and have planted over 100,000 plants so far, creating wetlands, restored waterways, habitat corridors and nature zones, resulting in an increase in wildlife across the estate. Habitat planting programs have resulted in a strong increase in wildlife numbers and diversity being recorded on the site in the past three years, with this progress being documented by Cape residents on the Cape Chatter website.
According to Mr Condon: “All homes at The Cape have high speed broadband with fibre optic cable direct to the home, attracting a wide range of residents from Inverloch and across Bass Coast and further afield. Our buyers include young families, professionals, tradies, active retirees and people running a home business. We are very happy to see a friendly growing community that is showing Australia how communities everywhere can design and build better, harness clean energy and energy efficiency, live carbon neutral and take action on climate change and eliminate most of their energy bills at the same time. In that sense the Cape is a good news story and hats off to the designers, builders, landscape team and our growing group of residents here for contributing to making the Cape a special place and setting the bar for all new estates.”
Display homes are open at the Cape from noon until 4pm Thursday to Sunday.