How the votes looked this afternoon.

WITH 10,106 votes counted in the Island ward, it appears the three people elected to the Bass Coast Shire Council have already been decided.

Sitting councillor Michael Whelan, topping the tally with 2,544 votes, will be joined by two new councillors in representing the ward: small business operator Ron Bauer, with 2,239 votes; and Phillip Island Landcare president David Rooks, with 2,135 votes.

Yet-to-be-confirmed new councillor Ron Bauer was delighted with the level of support he’d received from community, and believed that the distribution of preferences was unlikely to change the result for the leading three.

Mr Bauer said this afternoon that the Island’s three vote-leaders appeared to have gotten close to a quota and were likely to be comfortably elected, however added that he’d reserve his official statement until after the Victorian Electoral Commission published the results.

Waiting game

In Western Port Ward, there’s been no further advance on results available on Monday.

New candidate for the ward Rochelle Halstead said today she was gratified by support she’d received so far.

Leading in the poll is local police officer Bruce Kent, with rural representative Clare Le Serve receiving her usual good support.

In Bunurong Ward, there’s also been no official advance on numbers published on Monday, with Brett Tessari leading the count, followed by Leticia Laing in second place, and with third place likely to go to either Michael Nugent or Les Larke.

Mr Tessari commented that we may know result in the US election before we know the result in the Bass Coast election.