Why are two state government charges imposed – the Landfill Levy and the EPA’s Landfill Site Monitoring – and included into our kerbside garbage charge?
How much money has council paid to the state government for the Landfill Levy for each year over the last four years?
Councillors have informed us 70 per cent of our waste has been reduced going to landfill sites.
What actually is the kerbside garbage charge for residential properties?
Should the true cost be $376, as suggested by an ex-senior council officer, or is it as charged $496 this year going up to $522 next year?
Will we get our red bin picked up weekly during peak periods?
Why is the garbage charge added to the rates charge when council reports its ‘Rates and charges’ total income figures?
Why is the Landfill Levy and the Landfill Site Monitoring charges to ratepayers not shown as separate charges on our rates payment notice?
The state government Fire Services Levy is shown as a separate charge.
What is stopping our new councillors from coming out into the open and become a fully transparent group and take actions to a range of rules and matters at council to inform ratepayers as to what actually happens to our hard-earned cash when paying our rates?
I want answers. I want actions. I want changes.
Graham Jolly, Cape Woolamai.