SOUTH Gippsland Water is decommissioning the disused Korumburra Water Treatment Plant, next to the Korumburra Golf Course.

Korumburra has been connected to the Lance Creek Water Treatment supply system, as part of the larger Lance Creek Water Connection Project, completed in 2018, meaning the Korumburra Water Treatment Plant is no longer in use.

South Gippsland Water managing director Philippe du Plessis said the plan was to rehabilitate and landscape the site to make it safe.

Works will get underway around December 7, with an expected finish date of March 2021.

“There will be no impact to Korumburra’s water supply or on our water arrangements with the golf course. However, some residents may hear some normal construction noise during the works.

“We will endeavour to minimise this by only working on the site during business hours, and certainly not through the Christmas holiday period.”

Mr du Plessis said the works included removing mechanical and electrical equipment to make the site safe, and demolishing ageing infrastructure associated with the site and landscaping.

Toora and Fish Creek

In other works, South Gippsland Water is moving forward with new liners and floating covers being installed at the treated water storage basins for Toora and Fish Creek, just in time for Christmas.

This represents a $1m investment in high-quality, safe, clean drinking water for rural communities in the region.

Mr du Plessis said the Toora and Fish Creek water storage basins hold one million litres of water each.

“They are a key component of providing reliable, clean and safe water to the townships,” he said.

“Used to store water once it has been treated, the basins ensure a reliable source of water in the event of a burst water main or treatment plant interruption.

“Made from a durable plastic material, the new liners will fully seal the basins and include a floating cover, to ensure that water, once treated, remains in a pristine condition for our customers.”

The Toora and Fish Creek liners are the first of six being replaced.

GEM Industrial from Leongatha has already completed the civil and site works in preparation for the new liners and covers while Geotest has completed the manufacture of the liners and is now installing them.

“Originally, we expected the project to be complete by November, but coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant a slight delay, with work now expected to finish in December 2020,” Mr du Plessis said.

During the construction works, both basins have been taken ‘offline’ and out of use, to allow them to be emptied and the new liners installed.

“This means that for a period of time, our customers in these townships may experience some changes to the pressure and flow of their water supply. Customers may notice changes during these works, however, water will remain clean and safe to drink at all times.

“Water service interruptions are not anticipated, but we’ve put in place additional on-call and reactive maintenance personnel to be available in the event of water main, bursts, or breaks, so they can quickly respond.”