I don’t personally know Bass Coast Mayor Cr Brett Tessari and I am sure that he is regarded as a good fellow, particularly in the eyes of the members and supporters of the Bass Coast Ballet School.
However, as an example to the residents and visitors to Inverloch, his behaviour in jumping either with or without tutu from the Inverloch jetty, to keep a promise, was ill judged.
The Inverloch jetty is well served for public notices advising that jumping or diving from the jetty is prohibited, despite such behaviour occurring on a regular basis, often to a blind eye from the local constabulary patrols of the precinct.
Children and youths, often, under the eyes of their parents, undertaking similar behaviour, in contravention of the signage, could now be forgiven, having seen the performance of the shire mayor, highlighted in colour in the Sentinel-Times of December 15.
Either these activities are illegal or they are not. If so, then the law needs to be properly enforced. If not, then the signage needs to be removed altogether to allow this behaviour to continue without legal contravention.
David Vance, Inverloch.