As we tra la la, indulge with sweet treats, so appetite knows no bounds.
A new book, ‘Food and Climate Change without the hot air’ by SL Bridle at UIT Cambridge, warns us that even if all other emissions are cut to zero and no population growth, locked in with the food we choose to eat, will blow the budget to exceed 2 degrees warming by 2056, just food.
Clearly something needs to be done. Don’t be shy, tell people, all people, loud and clear. It really is almost too late already. It never will save to “the same” but still time to save something of climate, to be bearable, just.
But don’t be shy, noise, lots of it, at home, in the street with friends and enemies, even politicians of all flavours, immediately if not sooner.
Wouldn’t you think that Minister for Health could have done something to discourage so much consumption of sugar, causing so much overeating, obesity and Type 2 diabetes?
For that matter, how about campaign equivalent to plain paper packaged tobacco, for grog? Isn’t it ridiculously expensive to pretend these things can safely be ignored? So many knock-on effects, as well as obvious problems immediately.
Bernie McComb, Cowes.