By Shelby Brooks

Trevor’s applique kites are lit up by the sun behind them like stain glass windows.

ON a windy day, you’ll find Trevor Reeves’ colourful creations flying at Cape Paterson.

The retired primary school teacher has been a prolific kite maker and flyer since the early 1990s and was thrilled to permanently call Cape Paterson home early last year.

“Cape Paterson is a great place to fly kites because it’s always windy,” Trevor said.

Trevor, who has a painting background with a degree in fine arts, discovered his passion for kites after a friend suggested they try make one.

“It was like a revelation,” he said.

“I could create a gallery outside in the sky, free for people to see, I wasn’t charging for creating something interesting and that was eye-opening.”

His first kite was entered into the Bondi Festival of Winds where he won the first of many awards for his designs.

Inflatable novelty windsocks drew a crowd on the first weekend of the new year when members of the Victorian Flash Mob Kite Flyers flew kites at Cape Paterson.

Early on, Trevor found mentorship with Australian kite flying pioneer Helen Bushell and over the years, he has become renowned for his applique kite work which light up when the sun is behind them.

Currently in his workshop at The Cape, Trevor has his series of kites featuring the portraits of science fiction authors such as Philip K. Dick and Jules Vern.

Trevor’s talent has taken him all around the world, having been invited to festivals and flown his kites in Italy, Germany, the US, Switzerland, China and Singapore.

“It’s a relaxing activity,” Trevor said.

“It’s all about harnessing the energy of the wind.”

Although designed by other people, Trevor also builds inflatables, which are like giant windsocks in novelty 3D designs such as whales, frogs and cats.

Trevor is part of the Victorian Flash Mob Kite Flyers, a group who like to find a windy spot to fly together, and on the first weekend of the New Year, they surprised Cape Paterson residents with a wonderful display.

Keep an eye in the sky when you visit Cape Paterson next to see Trevor’s wonderful creations, particularly over the Australia Day long weekend.