Despite the hottest topic being COVID, new ones arise, like tax on EVs at one extreme, and at the other, Minister for Planning insisting more output from sand mine at Grantville.
EV tax is claimed to be about maintaining roads, while damage to roads is done by hundreds per day of B-double trucks shifting sand from Grantville. Truck fulls of sand are very heavy so, as well as causing road damage, not only are they expensive to operate, they’re big greenhouse gas emitters, a hot topic getting hotter.
Even disregarding exports of greenhouse gas laden fossil fuels, Australia is almost a terrorist country, with emissions reputation as bad as Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, risking the fate of the whole planet, now that high projection is 6degC by 2100. Previously, all high projections have been beaten. Bass Coast is planning emission reductions to follow the highest (easiest) level projection in Paris agreement, RCP8.5, which corresponds with 4degC, now revised to six, extinction to annihilation.
Trucks pollute five times worse than trains, and roads are expensive. A single train can replace 100 trucks. Until the 1990s, sand did get shifted by rail, from Grantville to AGM Glass just under Westgate bridge. Rail is quick install, cost effective, reduces traffic jams and reduces emissions.
Another topic is landfill, from depot in Dandenong to quarry in Ravenhall. When will electrified rail be rebuilt for sand to Melbourne depot(s) and landfill to Hazelwood open cut?
Is such lack of emission reduction, increasing monster trucks causing congestion and damaging roads and no sign of electrification of transport being taken seriously, is this enough to get enough of us hassling all levels of government, writing letters and protesting? If we want the planet to take care of us, surely we need to take care of the planet ASAP.
Bernie McComb, Cowes.