I read with interest the need for a cycle path from Cape Paterson to Inverloch and I fully support the need for a safe path. I well remember John Duscher campaigning for the same thing when he was councillor. The only thing that has happened since, is the scrub and undergrowth has taken over.

The Bass Coast council preach the beauty of our coastal roads to all, but sadly, we can’t see the water anymore because of the undergrowth and manuka.

To clear some viewing areas whilst making provisions for the cycle path would be welcomed by sightseers as well.

Instead of the non-stop drive caused by nothing to see (the water), wouldn’t it be nice if sightseers could stop at a nice viewing area to look out to sea? A lifetime of trips from Cape Paterson to Inverloch has gone from a pleasant trip with many places to see the water to now a non-stop drive to Inverloch, because there is nothing to look at. I’m not suggesting to clear everything, but surely there are areas that could be made into something for all. Born and bred local.

Butch West, Cape Paterson