WITH a little bit of community spirt – and a metal detector – miracles can happen.

Just ask Melbourne-based holidaymaker Audun Aas who lost his wedding ring on Inverloch’s surf beach recently.

Before heading out into the water with his daughters Lucy, Emily and Ava, Audun put his wedding ring around his keyring and stowed it in his shoes for safe keeping.

“I forgot all about it,” Audun told the Sentinel-Times.

“We packed up our things and I pulled out the keyring.

My wedding ring fell onto the sand, but I didn’t notice until we got back to the house we were staying at.”

Audun and his wife Cathy headed back to the beach and combed the area to no avail.

“I made a phone call to the local hire shop, but they had no metal detectors. They suggested we try the local caravan park but there was no joy there either,” Audun said.

“We were advised to try the Inverloch Community Voice Facebook page and we thought it was worth a shot. We had all but given up hope of finding it at that stage.

“I asked for permission to join the page and I was absolutely blown away by all the people who responded to my post. It was just wonderful. People were passing on messages to others and offering to lend their metal detectors.”

Audun was advised to contact a metal detecting service on Phillip Island, which directed him to Wonthaggi’s Michelle Lowe.

“She’s the real heroine of this story,” Audun said.

“She gave us a call and offered her help. We met her at the Inverloch Surf Life Saving Club and showed her where we had been, so she knew where to look. I reckon she found it within four minutes.”

Audun said he was amazed when Michelle found the ring in the first scoopful of sand she searched.

“We really had given up hope. I had been online searching for wedding rings. Michelle and her husband Alistair were tremendous. It was really lovely that so many people got involved to help us,” he said.

This was Audun and his family’s first visit to Inverloch, and they are certain they’ll be back.

“We have had a beautiful week; it’s been a fantastic time,” he said.

The incident is a timely reminder for people to keep an eye out for landmarks on the beach so lost belongings can be easily located.