For those who have watched fascinated whilst John McCombe, Leongatha, has had a go at ‘Climate Emergency Warriors’ by utilising ‘evidence’ from Michael Shellenberg’s book ‘Apocalypse Never’, I direct them to ‘Shellenberger’s op-ad’ which has reams of comments about Shellenberger’s cherry-picking of data, and his multiple errors. One example is his claim that carbon emissions are declining in most rich nations e.g. Britain, Germany and France since the mid-1970s whilst failing to identify that much industrial activity has moved to Asia, especially China! As a global warming rather than a national warming problem, and if the global trajectory is looked at rather than individual countries, emissions continue to burgeon.

Mr McCombe also states that “’renewables’ are not the answer… so, without backup, they fail the most important test, reliability’”.

Interestingly in The Australian newspaper is an article headed ‘World’s largest battery plants to secure supply’ and I quote “Two of the world’s biggest batteries, worth a combined $1bn, will be built at the sites of two NSW coal plants in a move to ease strains in the power grid and provide back-up for renewable energy generation’. These are being built by Origin Energy and France’s Neoen.

And this is my one, only and last communication on this issue!

Marion Ryan, Foster