AFTER 14 years Gecko Gallery, framing and cafe has been sold.

Felicity ‘Flick’ Jones has taken over the Fish Creek, 15 Falls Road store, opening as Little Oberon Cafe.

Former owner, Kerry Spokes said Gecko would continuing picture framing from 415 O’Gradys Ridge Road, Foster North,

‘We’re still available for framing at any time, with free quotes,” Kerry said.

“Adrian Johnson has been framing with us for 10 years and previous to that it was me framing.”

Kerry looked back on Gecko’s 14 years fondly.

“Our space has evolved over the years and has become a special place for many to call into and see what’s new, catch up and reacquaint with the community whilst on holiday.

“So many friendships have been formed that are to be treasured and kept, we are truly grateful for.”

Kerry thanked the staff and artists who made up the Gecko community.

“Gecko has been a success because of the fantastic team of people who have worked so very hard for us, we are so grateful for their time, energy and care towards our business and us,” she said.

“To all of the amazing artists we have had the honour to exhibit, more than 135 exhibitions, thank you from our hearts, it would not have been Gecko without you.

“To all who have visited Gecko and have kept coming back, you have certainly helped get us through the winter months knowing that we would see you when the weather is warm!

“To our wonderful community that is Fish Creek and surrounds – your support and love for Gecko, we will always remember and treasure.

“It’s now time for the new owners to come into the space and make it their own. We know the community will welcome them as we were,” Kerry said.

For ongoing framing enquiries, contact Kerry on 0423 721 593.