Recently there has been much fanfare and backslapping in relation to the new secondary campus being built on Potters Hill Road, San Remo.
I support this and it is much needed.
What I have not read is how the government and local shire are going to get students to and from this school. There will be several buses and parents dropping students at the school and picking them up. There are two access roads to this school when built, Shetland Heights and Potters Hill.
Having worked at San Remo Police Station for 19 years, I think I have a fair knowledge of the area; and since I retired some years ago, the traffic would have doubled in the area.
Potters Hill Road and Phillip Island Road is on a blind corner with very little view of traffic in both directions and is a 60kph zone.
There is no way it could cope with the amount of traffic servicing the school. In my opinion it would be one of the most dangerous intersections on Phillip Island Road.
I can remember in 1988 I had a meeting with VicRoads in relation to the intersection of Phillip Island Road and Woolamai Beach Road, they told me it wasn’t a problem as no one had been killed. It has only taken them 32 years to put in a roundabout.
How many parents and children possibly will need to be involved in accidents before action is taken at Phillip Island Road and Potters Hill Road?
Wayne Churchill.