PROVIDING an important linkage between land and sea, Bass Coast Landcare and community volunteers planted over 500 mangroves in the Bass Valley last month.

Funded by Coastcare Victoria, project manager Jye Andersen said: “Using different innovative methods, such as direct seeding and propagation in different types of seed trays, mangrove seeds enhance connections between land and the ocean.

“Mangroves provide habitat and feeding grounds for wading birds, a safe haven for juvenile fish, crustaceans, sharks and rays, and play a vital stabilisation role of susceptible coastlines from erosion.”

Jye said two ‘mangrove pioneers’ had been vital to the improvement of mangroves in the past decade.

“We would like to pay our respects to ‘Dr Mangrove’, Tim Ealey, and Brian Powell for their dedication to mangrove restoration efforts over the years,” Jye said.

“Re-establishment of mangrove shrubland has proven an incredibly difficult task with decades of effort from different organisations, communities and dedicated volunteers.

“Thanks to the work of ‘Dr Mangrove’ and other passionate citizen scientists, we are starting to achieve greater results around Western Port,” he said.