Merlewood farm stud principal Anne Marie Barrow is focused on breeding bulls with a quiet temperament. N020418

MERLEWOOD Angus farmers Anne Marie and Daniel Barrow have a growing reputation for rearing some of South Gippsland’s highest quality bulls.
Alligning their skills, it was a well-planned decision for Anne Marie, of Scotland and Daniel, from Roma, Queensland to move to South Gippsland.
Establishing Merlewood farm in Mirboo North, they have focused on breeding the best bulls.
Anne Marie said temperament was their key concern.
“We like all of our animals to be quiet, if they pass on temperament, that’s when we look at structure, and if they pass on that, that’s when we start to dig down into the breeding history,” Anne Marie said.
“Our bulls are all registered with the Angus Society and each year we keep up with the leading genetics to understand what best suits our clients’ needs.”
“We believe in a moderate frame build that has good capacity, muscle and length, and the feedback from our clients is that our animals work really well in the hilly country here.”
“Structure is extremely important to us. Any feet issues show up in the hilly country.
“We’re quite happy with how the breeding is going, we’re getting good feedback from our clients with the progeny that’s hitting the ground.
“Another thing we look at is calving size, we breed bulls that will pass down easily, that will put down light calves on the ground,” she said.

Pre-sale assessment
Merlewood bulls were recently assessed by Stud Care Genetics structural assessor Ian Moreland who found one clear favourite.
“With a perfect structural score card of all fives and C+ for muscle; this bull is one to look out for- Merlewood Reality Q8,” Mr Moreland said.
“A nice balanced bull. Long, well-muscled and sound,” he said.
Runners up in second and third place were Merlewood Replay Q23 and Merlewood Capatalist Q32, with the latter being the Merlewood farm manager’s pick.
Merlewood Angus will host its fifth annual bull sale Friday, March 26, at noon.
The sale will be interfaced with Auctions Plus to give buyers the comfort to choose how they bid and COVID-safe procedures will be in place on the day.
Find out more on Facebook, Merlewood Angus, or on the day at 880 Berrys Creek Road, Mirboo North.