No hard rubbish collection Tuesday in San Remo – one-third of properties have red bins out for collection [which] will sit there all day and, in many cases, all week, overloaded with rubbish.

Even those taken in are full, so what happens in the next seven days to rubbish?

You only need to look in green and yellow bins out this morning – many already packed with general rubbish. Cars pull up all the time just putting rubbish into any of the bins, got to get rid of nappies and waste before they head out of town home.

Where are council officers? Where are rangers? Where are police? Nowhere to be seen whether on the streets or on the beaches. In 20 years, we’ve had our property at San Remo, I’m yet to see one council officer or ranger on the beach ever. Police only when there has been accident on the water.

If you’re renting a property this week and you turn up to start your holiday today and bins are full, what would you do with rubbish? I suppose you could follow Yarra Council and ask your neighbour if you could use their bin, good luck when already full.

This is not a new problem, only made worse when third bin added to collection system. Supposed to save the environment – well, not happening in holiday areas in Bass when all three bins will probably all have to go to general rubbish tip. The rubbish collection company know this, so does Bass Coast Council, but for years nothing has changed. For a council who charges nearly 50 per cent more rates than equivalent value property in other council areas, you are a disgrace and hopefully, when the redistribution occurs, you will cease to exist.
Chris Day, San Remo