In response to the advice given to the “lazy” shop staff/owners in the Sentinel-Times’ article ‘Don’t park in front of your shops’ (December 22), I have this to say; what about lazy customers?
We can agree that there are far too many people that park much closer then needed when in town by all of us.
Many occasions we find parking is congested, leading to greater traffic and more likelihood of accidents happening, while quite often free, open parking with easy access can be found just a few short metres away.
It would be that the average person (not just shopkeeper) demands the convenient prime location outside the shop which causes the inconvenience of parking traffic jams. This leaves also limited parking for the many ill and decrepit without disabled permits forced to walk (to them) lengthy distances.
I would think it would stand to do us a lot better if we spread ourselves out while parking and get the few metres of exercise more while doing our shop ups this season.
Jake Sandall, Wonthaggi.