THE Meikle family at Tarwin Poll Herefords have been regular participants in Stock and Land Beef Week since it began. This is typical of their long-term commitment to breeding and presenting their Poll Herefords to Gippsland commercial producers.

The stud began in 1950 and has played a significant role in Poll Herefords in Gippsland ever since.

Today, third-generation breeder David Meikle recognises the need to keep the herd up to date with modern techniques to ensure a good outcome for their clients.

“This is a 100-cow plus herd, which has been performance recorded for more than 30 years and is moving into the world of DNA testing and genomics,” he said.

“These new techniques are becoming more and more widespread as we are learning how to use them to complement our breeding programs.

“Each of our sale bulls this year will be DNA-tested as well as being performance-recorded and muscle-scanned to ensure bull buyers will have as much information as possible to shape their decision.”

As well, Tarwin vaccinates their sale bulls against Pestivirus, Vibriosis and Leptospirosis and conducts fertility testing to ensure as much as possible they will perform when they go into their purchasers breeding program.

As well as this year’s crop of sale bulls, Tarwin will display cows with bull calves at foot with the first sons of Wirruna Nolan, joined and unjoined heifers.

Sale bulls will include sons from Koanui Techno, Mount Difficult Kenneth, Ravensdale King Pin and home-grown sire Tarwin Millhouse.