THE State Government reckons they’re doing enough already, committing almost $30 million to a new secondary college at San Remo.

And they’ve apparently agreed to seal an unsealed section of Potters Hill Road to provide access to the new school.

But the Bass Coast Shire Council is balking at paying $2 million-plus to upgrade the other access road to the school, Shetland Heights Road, the main one to carry kids and parents from San Remo when the college opens next year.

Their reluctance seems to be tired up with previous arrangements made between the council and the original developers of the housing estates in the area which are going gang busters at the moment.

On Saturday morning, January 9, 15 local residents had an impromptu meeting at the intersection of the roads to highlight their concerns publicly for the first time since the state government’s funding announcement on Christmas Eve.

They say Shetland Heights Road must be upgraded, including drainage and footpaths, and it must be paid for by the council or the government because the route is clearly an access road for the new school and also an emergency detour for the highway.

They say the councillors must come out and meet them.

And they want Bass MP Jordan Crugnale to pressure the government to come to the party.

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