John Leek’s (right) showstopper Mt Ararat Quantum will be for sale on property at 138 Huntingsford Rd Boorool (Leongatha) during Beef Week Day 5, Sunday, January 31. Nerrena butcher and farmer Simon Greaves (left) is familiar with the Simmental quality.  tm17_0321

BRINGING the bull to the breeders, Mount Ararat bull producer John Leek is holding his first Leongatha bull sale and will be bringing this year’s Lang Lang show, ‘Supreme Exhibit’. 

“It’s a great honour to receive the award against quality opposition from all breeds of cattle,” John said.

To be able to win such an award, you have to have well-bred cattle.” Mt Ararat Simmentals have sourced their genetics from the world’s best.

Quantum is bred in the purple and weighs an impressive 870kgs at 19 months.

John believes his bulls are as good as any in Australia and is now looking forward to Beef Week in South Gippsland.

“In our 12 years breeding Simmentals at our property in Nar Nar Goon, Mt Ararat has become progressively closer to the urban sprawl, so we’re very excited to settle in South Gippsland,” he said.

“We breed polled and homo-polled cattle of the highest standard.”

“Taking the horns (weapons) off cattle reduces havoc in sale yards and on farm and stops bruising and bullying when amongst other cattle.”

“We have not experienced any decrease in size or weight in our polled or homo-polled cattle.”

“They say polling can take away size – we believe this is a myth – we have bred polled bulls that have grown to well over 1250kgs,” he said.

The stud philosophy is to breed polled cattle, with perfect temperaments which are structurally perfect and fertile with the very best genetics.

Simmentals are especially popular for cross breeding with other breeds. This creates hybrid vigour, increases meat yield and quality when crossed with other breeds.

John said his long-time friend, Nerrena famer and butcher Simon Greaves understood the Simmental quality.

“The yield of hybrid beef, following cross breeding Simmental over other breeds is exceptional,” Simon said.

See the line-up of Mt Ararat Simmentals bulls and cows at, 138 Huntingsford Rd Boorool, Leongatha on Sunday, January 31. Gates open at 8am with light refreshments available.