By Shelby Brooks

POLICE will be out in force at school zones across South Gippsland and Bass Coast this week as students return to classrooms.

Operation Vulnerable is a Bass Coast police service area (which also includes South Gippsland Shire) initiative which will see an increased police presence around schools to enforce speed limits.

Bass Coast Highway Patrol Sergeant Peter Pearce said marked and unmarked police cars would be patrolling from Phillip Island to Foster, and everywhere in between.

“We just want to remind everyone to slow down, be aware, obey speed limits and parking restrictions around schools,” he said.

But it is not just 40km/h zones that police are asking people to obey, it’s also phone use while driving.

“We will be looking at behaviour around drop off and pick up as well,” Leading Senior Constable Bruhn said.

“Parents are often on their phones while doing the drop off.

“It’s pretty prevalent and we’re trying to stamp it out. It’s just about focussing on the task at hand.”

“Even at low speeds, children can get seriously hurt by cars,” Sergeant Pearce added.